Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pray for Karen White and Family

When I asked Brad the caregiver if he could recall wisdom someone shared with the family at just the right time? He answered:
On one particularly rough evening with a few weeks left of treatment, we were worried that things were getting pretty rough and wondered how much worse it could get.  Suddenly the phone beeped indicating an email.  It was from a lady in Norway who had been at one of my concerts.  She said that the Lord had put Karen on her heart night and day and wanted us to know that when we were sleeping in the U.S., the people in Norway were awake praying for Karen.  It was just another one of those moments when God said..."fear not, I'm still in control"
We all need to remember the actions of the woman in Norway. Remember the White’s in prayer, whatever the time of day or night.
Still lionhearted, Kat 

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